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Heart Health

Exploring research being done on this vital organ and highlighting studies aimed at keeping it strong and supported.

Meet our
heart health heroes

Harvard experts are exploring unique and interesting approaches to cardiovascular health.

Filip Swirski

Filip Swirski

“The research showing a link between sleep and cardiovascular disease in humans is abundant,” says the associate professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School and a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Systems Biology.



Nina Uzoigwe

The Harvard John A. Paulson School Of Engineering And Applied Sciences alum designed a more effective implant to improve corrective surgeries for neonatal congenital heart defects.


Stephen Juraschek

Stephen Juraschek

新的研究发现摄入更多的碳水化合物, fat, or protein can promote good health as long as they are part of an overall sensible and varied diet.

“这些饮食不仅能降低血压, 它们减少了对心脏的直接伤害也减少了炎症,巴黎人贵宾厅医学院的医学助理教授说.



Laura Kubzansky

Researchers found a connection between psychological well-being and a reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes, 以及其他心血管疾病.

“[B]olstering psychological strengths rather than simply mitigating psychological deficits may improve cardiovascular health,社会学副教授说, human development, and health.


Heart gallery

Discover art’s long exploration and science’s artistic interpretations of the heart.

The once and future heart

A conversation between artist Dario Robleto and regenerative medicine expert Doris A. 泰勒讲述了许多看待心灵的方式.

“Preparation showing child spine and portion of thorax with heart” by Oliver Wendell Holmes

罗莎琳德·所罗门(Rosalind Solomon)的《巴黎人贵宾厅》(Boy with Plastic Heart, Guatemala)

“Teaching watercolor of degeneration of the heart tissue caused by venereal disease” by Oscar Wallis

Preventing heart disease

Experts at the Harvard T.H. 陈公共卫生学院对此进行了解释 what heart disease is and highlight four key lifestyle steps that can dramatically reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular risk factors and ultimately heart disease.

阅读更多巴黎人贵宾厅T.H. 陈公共卫生学院

Not smoking

Researchers examining the relationship between cigarette smoking and smoking cessation on mortality during a decades-long perspective study of over 100,000 women found that approximately 64% of deaths among current smokers and 28% of deaths among former smokers were attributable to cigarette smoking.

Maintaining a healthy weight

A study showed that middle-aged women and men who gained 11 to 22 pounds after age 20 were up to three times more likely to develop heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, 和那些体重增加不超过5磅的人相比.


A study showed that, 在研究开始时没有心血管疾病的50至79岁的女性中, prolonged sitting time was associated with increased heart disease risk regardless of the amount of time spent in leisure-time physical activity.

Follow a healthy diet

A study found that those who adhered most to healthy eating patterns had a 14 to 21% lower risk of cardiovascular disease when compared with those who adhered least.

Know by heart

Being your own best health advocate means keeping up on some of the common medical terminology.



低密度脂蛋白的简称. 这种所谓的“坏胆固醇”会在动脉壁上堆积, 使动脉狭窄,使心脏病发作或中风的可能性更大.


高密度脂蛋白的简称,也就是所谓的好胆固醇. This lipoprotein (a substance made up of fats and protein) is believed to remove cholesterol from the arteries.

Systolic pressure

The first or top number in a blood pressure reading; a measure of the pressure blood exerts against arterial walls when the heart contracts.

Diastolic pressure

血压读数的底部数字,如134/78. It represents the pressure in the arteries when the heart relaxes between beats.


动脉壁脂肪沉积(斑块)的积聚, causing narrowing and reduced blood flow; the disease responsible for most heart attacks and many strokes.


Having a lower than normal amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin (an oxygen-carrying protein inside red blood cells), leading to low energy, weakness, and other symptoms.